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  • promotion & sales
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We have a strong and well-established network of partners to help you take your lighting brand or project to the next level.

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Are are looking to bring your brand to the US Market?

Are you in the US Market and want to strengthen your brand, position, products or processes/capabilities?

Do you want to develop UL listed products or develop a US sales network?

Already started your journey but need a strong partner for a stretch of the way?

WE CAN HELP YOU! Our goal is to make you succeed
Group planning


We can get your lighting product from idea to market.

Get your products positioned for B2B, B2C, D2C or wholesale.

Choose from a full 360 go-to-market process or individual services to fit your needs.

We bring more than 62 years of combined lighting industry knowledge and a strong network of partners.

WE ARE DIFFERENT! We offer solutions for all your lighting needs


Let's connect the dots

Knowing the US market and how to sell is very different than in Europe or other countries.

It is a different culture. We can help you save time and money by connecting the dots.

Our services include:

Let's connect the dots

Knowing the US market and how to sell is very different than in Europe or other countries.

It is a different culture. We can help you save time and money by connecting the dots.

  • We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all or clients and their information.
  • All employees and consultants are required to sign NDAs to work with us.
  • We can't disclose who we work with and the scope of work we have completed.
  • We will comply with any requirements that you have, you can trust us.
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  • Conduct a workshop to understand your needs, what you hope to accomplish, and timeframe.
  • Understand your goals and objectives, have you understand how we can assist in the process.
  • Develop a scope of work, with milestones and budget in mind.
  • Craft a plan that allows you to explore the options, timeframes and costs.
  • Allow you to pick and choose services, and goals while you develop a strategy, as well as how much you spend.
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  • Review and recommendation of market placement and strategy including competition, price points, brand image, marketing techniques, etc.
  • Creation of related marketing and branding materials and accounts.
  • Full implementation and management of US marketing plan.
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  • Recommendation of most successful sales strategies for the US market including various sales channels, partners and practices for said channels and potential introductions.
  • Creation of contracts, sales materials, samples, etc. and consultation on implementation.
  • Full implementation and management of US sales network including hiring of agents, promoting product, managing materials, etc.
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  • Review of existing product offering and recommendation on which products are suitable for the US market both from a sales standpoint and UL feasibility.
  • Consultation of product changes and UL listing process.
  • Full management of US product portfolio including obtaining and maintaining UL listings, sourcing US components, etc.
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Brand Extensions

  • Help if you want to develop a product for an application area.
  • Improve the products you have to meet technical criteria.
  • Extend your band in areas you are already working in with new products.
  • Benchmark against competitors to offer superior solutions.
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  • Review of product and company information and documentation including terms and conditions, cut sheets, mounting instructions, ies files, etc. and subsequent recommendations for the US market.
  • Creation of US specific materials and/or conversion and alteration of existing materials.
  • Full management of said materials and related services such as technical support, field service, photometric analysis, etc.
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  • Advise and recommend on geographical location, required staffing, US labor and tax laws, production capabilities, code requirements, etc.
  • Act as local agent for the process of real estate negotiations, interviewing, hiring of employees or contractors, etc.
  • Full management of US subsidiary and/or partnership.
  • Look at the various manufacturing options based product complexity and manufacturing investment.
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Let's Talk

Send us an email or give us a call. We are located in New York, Cleveland and Miami.

Philip G. Cialdella

Philip G. Cialdella (PRINCIPAL)



26 West 17th St, Suite 802
NY, NY 10011

Experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning industry. Skilled in Revenue & Profit Growth, Lighting Design, Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Strategy.

Tim Sharon




Lighting sales professional with over 20 years of industry experience in applications, customer service, field service, sales plus project, account, sales and territory management and more.

Amir Bagherlee

Amir Bagherlee



Manufacturing operations professional working closely with product development and supply chain. Specializes in identifying critical business processes to have smooth product launches and stable post launch production.